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  Why I ignore Sailing Anarchy


Sailing Anarchy is a web site run by Scot Tempesta, aka "Scooter". Here is a photo taken in 2005:



Mr. Tempesta


Scot Tempesta makes a living not with his web site, but as a left-wing AM radio commentator recently with San Diego's radio station KLSD (formerly KOGO). He's married, has two sons, and lives in Carlsbad, CA. His e-mail address is scot@nethere.com. He attended San Diego State, was a sailmaker (Sobstad) for awhile, and partied hard in those early days. He was a fine sailor then and undoubtedly still is. In the early 1990s he won the Lipton Cup and California Challenge Cup sailing for the San Diego Yacht Club when it was sailed in Olsen 35s. Now they use J/105's.

When you Google "Scot Tempesta", the top entry is "Scot Tempesta: Loudmouthed Idiot". Not that I'm against idiots. I was a big Johnny Damon fan before he left the Sox for the Yankees. But the moniker seems to fit. His role model seems to be Howard Stern. He started SA in 2000 because he was seeing "way too much BS going on in the sport -- cheating, manipulating, softball journalism, a lack of honesty, no alternative voice, etc." Nothing wrong with that. But Scot is proud that his forums on SA have no rules. So what happens is that everyone hides behind anonymity and says whatever they want. If you like f---ing this and f---ing that (including F---ing Nelson), all kinds of scurrilous accusations, and scatological dialog, the SA forums are for you. Instead of spending $8.95 to go to a like-minded movie, you can get the same pleasure out of SA for nothing.

Scot nevers seems to miss an opportunity to bash J/Boats' offerings and the J/105 in particular. Apparently J/105s are overpriced and underperforming. I guess Scot does not understand or place any value on one-design racing and well-organized class associations. He uses our openness and our mistakes against us. How many other class associations do you know that are as transparent and open as we are?

Why don't you see Scot Tempesta's name prominently in Sailing Anarchy? I guess he's just shy. If you look around, there's a "Contact" page, but no mention of Scot Tempesta as the founder or primary operator. But in other venues, he not above taking credit for "the most visited sailing website in the world". What you will find on SA is a very long "Legal" page on Terms and Conditions for using his web site. There are twelve long lawerly paragraphs, the first of which is "1. Copyright". It seems all of SA is copyrighted in 2001 even though most of it has appeared since 2001. Is that possible??? And "Any redistribution, retransmission, or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner", e.g. Sailing Anarchy, e.g. Scot Tempesta. With a section entitled "Lies and Rumors" on SA, you must be prepared for lawsuits, yes?

Actually if you search really, really hard you can find Scot Tempesta's name on one page of SA. It's the page called "Sore Loser" which gives a complete e-mail dialog between Scot and the aggrieved and agitated designer of the Bravura 29, which Scot trashed on his web site. The designer fell to Scot's level in his "rebuttal" while threatening legal remedies. It's a sad, sad dialog.

So why am I agitated by SA? Especially when I don't read the web site? Somebody e-mailed me part of his home page (a copyright violation, of course). I was not too surprised to see quotes from the (copyrighted) Minutes of a recent meeting of the J/105 Executive Committee conference call. These minutes were placed in a private area of our j105.org web site for the Members of our Class Association. Scot Tempesta is not a member and had help from a San Diego sailor in accessing them. The quotes were not identified as quotes from the minutes, but rather as quotes by individuals on the call. And by implication he completely distorted the reasons for some of the voting. There's no point in reasoning with Scot Tempesta and asking for a retraction. He is way beyond reason and not worthy of our time.

We encourage our owners to read our Owner's FORUM if you want to know what's going on with the J/105 Class or "Sailing Scuttlebutt" for generic sailing news. SS counsels "save your bashing, whining and personal attacks for elsewhere". I guess they are referring to SA.

Nelson Weiderman (speaking only for myself)
2006 J/105 Secretary/Treasurer

[Lightly edited 5/25 to correct the "left/right" error and to make it a tad less confrontational.]



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