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26.May.15 - Young American Kids kill it again with a first in fleet in the Block Island Race  Repeating its PHRF class 3 victory from last year was American Yacht Club's J/105 Young American, an entry with junior sailors. The kids were the majority onboard with Peter Becker serving as the team's single adult safety officer and coach. "Last year, we won our class and finished third overall, which was a huge moment," said Becker. "This year, we were first in PHRF division and first overall in PHRF, so we bested our performance by a big margin. The kids are on fire; they love it!" The Young American team was pressured up at the start for their spinnaker run in 25 knots. When the tack of their chute blew out, they switched to a spare and were surfing down Long Island Sound at 15 knots. "We were all hiking off the stern and hanging with the big boats and double-handed boats. They started the double-hands, then small to large classes in order, so Comanche was the last start. It was really cool when it went whizzing by us doing 18-20 knots." From the team report: "The AYC Jr. Big Boat Team really enjoys distance sailing with the J/105, and this race was no exception. The spinnaker run out the Sound to Block was rewarding. The wind was gusting upwards of 27 knots at the start diminishing to 18-20 knots for most of the leg. With our top speed at 13 knots and a very high average speed, we were able to sail effectively the same speed as the J/44s, a J/122 and Carina which was incredibly rewarding and a testament to speed of the J/105 in windy surfing conditions. The bigger boats started not long after us, and it took until New Haven for them to get to us and to get past us. Much of the fleet chose to sail high along the CT shoreline with Young American choosing a route more towards the rhumb line. Unfortunately we fell into a hole which allowed the bigger boats to get past us by a mile or two. On the final approach to 1BI, we made very good use of our A3 and gained several miles back on the fleet ahead of us. A couple of notes on changes we made to the J/105 for this type of racing. First a masthead VHF antenna is now required, as is DCS capability. We also added a bobstay to the sprit and a lashing between the pole and the forward bulkhead to firmly hold the pole extended. With the bobstay, the pole did not flex and it felt like there was better transfer of force into the boat. The challenging part of sailing a J/105 in a distance race of this length is the lack of a proper galley stove and bunks that are suited for sleeping while under way. Someday we may look into installing proper pipe berths and a gimbaling stove burner. The sail home from Block saw a windy beat back to the Gut where we made good use of the new Doyle #3 heavy jib. After fighting the foul current at the Gut, the wind moderated to 12-15 knots, and with smoother water we had a very pleasant sail home to finish at 6:00 pm just as the current was turning to an Ebb and the wind was dying in the transition to a fresh and cold southerly wind. At the finish, we were very unsure how we had done as we could only identify the J/120 that was in our division that came from behind to pass us in the last few miles and really could not see any boats behind us. After a quick look on Yacht Scoring, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we might be in a good position." The junior crew consisted of Carina Becker, Will McKeige, Kelly Hanlon, Hector McKemey, Nick Davis, Andy Rochat, Sam Papert, with Peter Becker, the only adult onboard, acting as safety officer and coach.

23.May.15 - GBCA/TMCA Spring Fling  
Galveston Bay Cruising Association and Texas Mariners Cruising Association were joint organizers for the first ever Galveston to Port Arthur (yes Janis Joplin's hometown) Spring Fling Race. This race is one of the four-race Texas Offshore Racing Circuit (TORC). Of the six boats originally vying for the Texas Navy Trophy, only two (Bee Bednar's J/105 Stinger, and J.D. Hill's J/122 Second Star) signed up. Preliminary weather forecasts were for 8-10 kt winds from the SE, but what racers saw was NE winds in the 15-20 kt range with 5-8 foot seas. The resulting slug fest saw Bee Bednar's J/105 Stinger take line honors over the J/109 Harm's Way and Second Star. Of the 24 boats entered, only four managed to finish the race in the allotted time frame. Bee's three bullets in the four-race TORC together with a one race drop-out assures that Stinger has won the Texan Navy Trophy for the third time.

22.May.15 - Pacific Northwest One-Design Regatta   There was a nice turnout of J/105s at the Pacific Northwest One-Design (POD) Regatta, run and hosted by Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle. Taking the J/105 class was Jim Geros' Last Tango with a 1-2-2-1 score for 6 points. Second was Jerry Diercks' Delirium with a 3-1-1-3 record for 8 points. Then, in third overall was David Cohen's Inconceivable with a 2-3-3-2 for 10 points.  CYC PNW One-Design sailing information

22.May.15 - Swiftsure Regatta  The St Francis Yacht Club played host to the Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Regatta last weekend for fleets including the J/105s. The San Francisco Bay conditions delivered, with the StFYC PRO able to run five races on the western end of the Bay between Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was Jeff Litfin's Mojo with a record of 4-1-6-1-1 for 13 points, who won with 12 points. In second place was Bruce Stone's Arbitrage. In a four-boat fight for the top five, Arbitrage hung on to post a 2-2-5-11-5 for 25 points. Just two points behind them was the trio of Steve, Paul and Gregg Kent on Perseverance with 27 points. The rest of the top five included Ryan Simmons' Blackhawk in fourth and Doug Bailey's Akula in fifth.  St. FYC Swiftsure Regatta sailing information

14.May.15 - Edlu Race  They have done it again facing the most extraordinary odds. And they overcame all manner of challenges to pull off yet another stunning victory in their class and overall. The American Yacht Club Junior Offshore Team have seemingly made the extraordinary seem ordinary. After winning the Stamford Vineyard Race on a club member's J/122 Patriot last year, they can now add first in PHRF 2 Class and first PHRF Overall sailing their J/105 Young American in the Edlu Distance Race. As a result, they also picked up the Commodore Wilfred Kluss Trophy for the PHRF yacht with the best corrected time. The Larchmont Yacht Club 60th Annual Edlu distance race was held on May 9 in pea soup fog with visibility of only about one quarter mile. Thirty seven yachts from 14 yacht clubs competed in six divisions of IRC and PHRF ratings. The course for the IRC and PHRF spinnaker boats was approximately 32 miles to Buoy 11B off Eaton's Neck/Stamford. The non spinnaker division sailed a 16.4 mile course to the red bell off Lloyd's Neck. The first start went off at 0911 in an easterly breeze of 8-10 knots with a flooding tide. The final boat crossed the finish line off the Larchmont breakwater just a few minutes before the time limit of 7 pm to hearty cheers from the Race Committee. The fog was the real challenge as several boats withdrew after reporting to the Race Committee that they had rounded the wrong mark due to poor visibility. According to Doug Mckeige, the "adult supervision" on board the J/105 Young American, "The kids really had a fun time sailing the race. It was quite a challenge for them, especially working on their charts, navigation, currents and strategy. My son Will was on board along with a bunch of his junior sailing buddies: Hector McKemy, Richard O'Leary, Malcolm, TJ and Chris. We mixed up the roles along the race to ensure everyone had a hand in trying the various roles on the boat. In the end, Will and Hector did most of the driving. It was tough on anyone wearing glasses to be peering through the thick fog for so long!" Whether they knew it or not, the Young Americans had another J/105 hot on their tail for most of the race, Za & Libby Jelliffe's Arete, finishing only two minutes behind them to take second in Class/second Overall. George and Alex Wilbanks' J/105 Revelation placed fifth. In the PHRF Double Handed division, only 47 seconds back on corrected time and placing third in class was Marcus Wunderlich's J/105 Stratos. Two more J/105s filled out the top five, including Marc Berkowitz's Clean Slate in fourth and Charlie Cannam's Engarge in fifth.  More Edlu Distance Race sailing information

10.May.15 - HYC Offshore  The second race of the four race Texas Offshore Racing Circuit was held on April 9 under the auspices of the Houston Yacht Club. The seven competitors included the J/122 Second Star, J/109 Harm's Way, J/120 Aeolus, J/105 Stinger, Ericson 39 SolAire, Cal 39-II SD Outrageous and the Ericson 38 Good Leif. Bee Bednar's J/105 Stinger took top honors over Andy Westcoat's J/109 Harm's Way, and Ken Humphries Outrageous in third. With 17-18 kt winds, gusting to 22+, this race was much more fun then the frustrating light air first one. Andy's Harm's Way led the J/109-J/105 match racing duel for all but three of the first 45 nm. After closing to within striking distance at the 45 nm mark, the J/105's ability to dive deep and routinely surf in the big winds resulted in a convincing win for Bee. Stinger committed no errors this time. She had plenty beer left at the end.

08.May.15 - Race to the Straits  The conditions could not have been much better at the Sloop Tavern YC Race To The Straits in Seattle, Washington - sunny skies, solid winds out of the North and Northwest. As a pursuit race, the slower rated boats start first, so Saturday morning just after 8am the first boats began sailing across the start line and continued until a bit after 10am. Class 7 was the J/105 One Design Class sailing DHFS. First boat home was Erik Kristen's Jubilee, second was Matthew & Tessa Gardner-Brown's Dulcinea, and third were Henderson & Barber aboard Delirium.   Complete information and results

04.May.15 - Great Battles Wrap American Spring Series  Light air continued for the second weekend of the spring opener. Saturday had George and Ann Wilbanks' Revelation winning the day with a 1,1,3 followed by Paul Beaudin's loulou with a 3,2,1, putting loulou in first and Revelation in second going into the last day. Sunday had a match race for the two top spots with Revelation pressuring loulou hard at every opportunity. Race one was Conundrum first followed by Revelation and loulou right behind. The final race had both point leaders with an even closer match, pushing them back in the pack with loulou making the last pass on the downwind to take the regatta by three points. The junior team from American Yacht Club sailing Young American (ex Kinsem) came on strong, winning the last race to take their first regatta podium finish followed by Conundrum with a 1,3 to move up to fourth. Six different boats had bullets in this regatta, with Young American taking three. Even though the cold weather left many not launched in time for this event, the racing was still as competitive as it has been in years.  Complete results

04.May.15 - Annapolis NOOD  The three day Helly Hansen Annapolis NOOD Regatta (May 1-3) was light on winds as 14 fleets competed, including 18 J/105s. Carl and Scott Gitchell's Tenacious took the victory with 13 points in four races. Jim Konigsberg's Inigo came in the place position with 23 points, and James Macdonald's Distant Passion in the show spot with 25.  Complete results

04.May.15 - Yachting Cup  There is one word that competitors will not be using to describe the final day of racing at the 2015 Yachting Cup: boring. Sunday's racing saw split head sails, shrimped kites, and a sailor in the water all in one race. With fast sailing, sunny skies and plenty of action, this day was truly a testament to how exciting San Diego sailing can be. Eight J/105s competed in eight races. Rick Goebel's Sanity came out on top with 18 points. Dennis Case on Wings trailed in second with 21 points.  Complete results

01.May.15 - LYC 2015 Heald Bank  
The Lakewood Yacht Club annual 90 nm Heald Bank offshore race was held April 25-26. It is one of four offshore events forming the basis for the Texas Navy Trophy. Since 1971 this trophy, donated by the State of Texas, has been awarded annually to the overall winner of the PHRF Texas Offshore Racing Circuit (TORC) by the Texas Navy. The winner must enter all four races. The trophy currently resides at the Galveston Bay Cruising Association Clubhouse. The J/122 Second Star, J/120 Aeolus, J/109 Airborne, J/105 Vici, J/105 Stinger and the Ericson 38 Good Leif formed the six-boat spinnaker class. Typically run in strong spring winds, this race was characterized by extremely light winds, and was won by Bee Bednar on the J/105 Stinger with a 23:55:24 elapsed time. Stingers corrected time of 21:57:33 was 12:22 faster then the J/120 and 29:57 better then the J/122. The track in the graphic shows some of the extreme frustrations this race entailed. Speeds ranged from 0 to 8+ knots with a short burst of 12. What the graphic does not show is the dense fog that covered the race course from 2 a.m. until just a bit after sunrise. It can be just a little eerie to pop out of the fog within a few boat lengths of a big offshore oil platform. While winning was great, Stinger committed a inexcusable error. She ran out of beer!

27.Apr.15 - AYC Spring has topsy turvy weekend one  Chilly temps and very light and fluky conditions greeted the hearty 10 boats that showed for the first weekend of the Fleet 6 season. With snowflakes only two days prior, this year is getting off to very slow start for all the sailors on Long Island Sound. Race one had loulou launched at the last turn only to be nipped at the finish by Za Jelliffe and team on Arete. The second race had the juniors on Young American helmed by Megan Ploch just ahead of loulou at the first mark, a position they held to the finish with loulou being the first major casualty of the weekend sailing into a hole that they never got out of (going from second to last). This was a pattern that would continue throughout the weekend, and it turned out that no leader was immune from the 'way back affliction.' Arete followed the kids to lead on day one. Day two was a bit warmer but still light and challenging. David Greenhouse on Skipperdee had the most solid day posting a 2,1 and moving them to the top of the standings with the juniors on Young American taking another bullet in the first race, tied right behind with loulou. Going into weekend two, with the next race bringing the throw-out into play, will have the top three boats tied and the top 6 separated only by 6 points.  Full results

24.Apr.15 - J/Fest San Francisco  The 2015 J/Fest regatta hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club had an excellent turnout of 50 boats, who were treated to a wet and wild weekend of sailing in classic 15-25 knot breezes. The 21-boat J/105 fleet saw Phil Laby and his Godot crew recover from an 11 in the first race to post a 4-4-1-1 in the remaining bouts to win the tie-breaker on 21 points with colleague Jeff Littfin on Mojo. Not far off was Adam Spiegel on Jam Session sitting on 27 points in third. Bruce Stone on Arbitrage claimed fourth, and in fifth was Doug Bailey on Akula.
  J/Fest San Francisco sailing information

19.Apr.15 - Minutes posted  Minutes from the 4/13/15 Executive Committee Meeting are posted.  Class Business page

09.Apr.15 - RI-15-01  J/105 Rule Interpretation 15-01 "Jib Minimum Weight Requirements" is now posted on the  Rule Interpretation page.

02.Apr.15 - Three Tree Point Race  Great breeze and three weekends in a row in Washington. Over 30 knots for Scatchet Head, 20s the next weekend for the Islands Race, in the 30s for the final Snowbird off Shilshole and then finishing off the Center Sound Series with upper teens and low 20s for the Three Tree Point Race. What an incredible spring to be out racing sailboats on Puget Sound. A race the fleet generally worries about simply making it to the mark down in the East Passage off the south side of Three Tree Point, everyone was pleasantly surprised the CYC race committee wasn't seen motoring by them to shorten the course at the halfway mark. Class 4, the J/105 fleet, was sailed away with by Jerry Diercks and crew aboard Delirium.   Full regatta report and pictures

02.Apr.15 - St. Thomas Regatta  The first day of racing at the St. Thomas Regatta took the fleet out of Cowpet Bay, around the heads to the east, then heading south down, mostly downwind on port tack to the port of Charlotte Amalie. After a midday break, the fleet then raced back to Cowpet Bay mostly upwind on starboard tack. The leader of CSA 3 after the first day was Jonathan Lipuscek's J/105 Dark Star with a 2-1. They beat their classmate Bryan Coon's J/105 Solstice who took second. For day two on Saturday, Dark Star managed to pull off two bullets for a huge class lead both for the day and the regatta. Their fellow classmates on Solstice also had an excellent day posting a 3-3. The stage was thus set for the final day of racing with more of the same spectacular, gorgeous sailing conditions. Lipuscek's team collected four firsts and two seconds en route to a dominant class win with just 8 points. Solstice, skippered by Bryan Coon, narrowly lost out a good chance to get onto the podium, finishing in fourth just one point back.  St. Thomas Regatta sailing information

31.Mar.15 - Texas Invitational  
In spite of losing PRO Dwight Bengston at the last minute, J/105 Fleet 17's first annual Texas Invitational went off without a hitch under absolutely beautiful blue Texas skies in perfect winds and temperatures. A big thanks goes to John Barnett (Vici) and a host of Lakewood Yacht Club volunteers for quickly stepping up to the plate to make sure the 10-race schedule was executed to perfection. Seven boats competed with both Fleet 17 and non-Fleet 17 owners on the helm. The 10 races were split into evens and odds. Fleet 17 owners helmed odd numbered races, and non-Fleet 17 owners helmed even number races. Big thanks to the Bermuda fleet for allowing Fleet 17 to copy their format. This is a super format which produces a fabulous opportunity for owners and crew to travel without having to drag their boats along. Five races were sailed on Friday in light winds under clear skies with temperatures in the 70s. Three races went off under similar conditions on Saturday, and then the big Texas sea breezes filled in for some spectacular kite flying in 18-25 knots on Sunday. There was a bit of carnage but no actual protests. For the local Fleet 17 owners, Bill Lakenmacher's Radiance took first with 12 points, Uzi Ozeri's Infinity came in second with 15 and Brad Robbins' Rumpus finished in third. The non-Fleet17-ers had Glen Darden (Dallas) on Infinity in first, James Macdonald (Bermuda) on Radiance in second, and Mark Smith (Fort Worth) in third. The same boats took the top three places overall with Ozeri/Darden in first, Lakenmacher/MacDonald in second, and Robbins/Smith in third. Videos are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrSWPRlj4p0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jN0NIcdBt4. A few thousand photos and final results will be posted  here.

27.Mar.15 - Scatchet Head Race  Winds were howling on Puget Sound on March 14 for the second race in the Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle's Center Sound Series: the Scatchet Head Race. Sixty-six boats made it out for the start. In Class 4, the J/105 A3 flying one-design class was once again taken by those fast sailors aboard Erik Kirsten's J/105 Jubilee. Leaving the J/105 Last Tango over six minutes back in second and the J/105 Avalanche another 13 minutes back in third. The J/105's reported flying along under control with their smartly chosen A3s pulling them along at speeds over 16 knots, pushing into 17 at times.  Scatchet Head Race sailing information

16.Mar.15 - Slow Start, Big Turnout at St. Francis YC Spring One Design Regatta  
On the first day of the 2015 season opener, the St. Francis YC Spring One Design regatta, it seemed everyone was there: 80 boats, 300 sailors, 8 fleets. Everyone, that is, but the wind. Early season conditions prevailed, and the lack of breeze resulted in a string of postponements with, ultimately, no racing. "We knew that even if we were able to get off a start," says regatta chair and Express 27 sailor Peggy Lidster, "we wouldn't have been able to get around any windward mark. There was no wind in any direction, and we were fighting an ebb." Sailors made the most of the day by enjoying the sun, admiring the fleets' many sets of new sails and meeting back at the St. Francis Yacht Club for food, drinks, lawn games and even a s'mores pit in the courtyard. Conditions varied throughout Sunday, wavering between 7 and 20 knots. The unsteady breeze kept all fleets alert as fresh crew shook off wintertime cobwebs, and fresh sets of sails took on their first tacks and douses. "Looking around, you could feel a fervor for the start of the season. These are the Bay area one design keelboat fleets, and everyone brought their A-game," says Lidster. "The entire central Bay was filled with sails, from Alcatraz to the gate to the shore. The number of sailboats and the camaraderie between fleets was fantastic. It felt like days of old!" While the smaller boats competed on the City Front course, the 21 boat J/105 fleet started off the western face of Alcatraz, heading upwind 1.3 miles toward the mid-span of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a heavy ebb, creating the inevitable short chop as the current flows into the prevailing westerly, especially acute as winds eventually built to 20 knots by the third race. The day was dominated by Bruce Stone's team on Arbitrage #116, turning in a 3, 1 and 2 to finish with just six points. Scooter Simmons' Blackhawk placed second with 10 points, and Phillip Laby's Godot third with 13. (Photo credit: Chris Ray)  Complete results

16.Mar.15 - San Diego NOOD  It came down to the very last race to determine the winner of the seven-boat J/105 fleet at the San Diego NOOD. With a victory in that contest, Dennis Case's Wings took the title, beating out Gary Mozer's Current Obsession 2, who placed second in that race and the regatta (Case had nine points to Mozer's 10). Stewart Cannon's J-OK rounded out the top three with 17 points. Five races were completed.  Complete results

14.Mar.15 - Winter Newsletter  Members will receive the Winter edition of the J/105 newsletter via e-mail. It is also posted on the  newsletter page.

13.Mar.15 - Gill Commodore's Cup  A record entry of 81 yachts entered the Gill Commodore's Cup, the prelude to the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. 30 knots of wind with breaking waves provided testing conditions for the fleet. The starting area on the south side of St. Maarten provided some relief from the ocean swell, but the big breeze from the east cascaded over the hill tops forming bullets of pressure causing several boats to spin out. The best performers were the teams that kept their yachts under control in difficult conditions. CSA 8 saw Bryan Coon's J/105 Solstice take class honors.

13.Mar.15 - Blakely Rock Light Race  66 boats made it out for Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle's Blakely Rock Light Race - the first in their three race Center Sound Series. Winds were out of the north at 6-8 by start time, and at 10am class one led the fleet off the line toward the first mark in the course. With a starting area off Shilshole Marina, the Northerly breeze takes sailors up to a temporary mark set off the tank farms south of Edmonds, then all the way south to Blakely Rock before returning to the finish area off Shilshole Marina, a distance of just over 20nm. Picture 66 boats working up the sound in sunny skies through the last of the ebb, and the winds building up towards 10 knots as it slowly oscillated right to left. The solid J/105 one design fleet became the indicator for many as they split across the course, and those from behind watched who had the advantage on which side of the course before making their tactical choices. Most in the fleet pushed west into the last of the ebbing current, and as the later starters compressed into the fleet ahead, a few boats were seen heading off to the east toward Shilshole Marina. Winds built a touch more on the run down the sound, a solid 10-12 with a few puffs to 14 knots as the sun continued to warm up the city and create that solid thermal suction as temps downtown moved into the 60s. Rounding the rock and the long drag race across the sound to Magnolia began. Each boat battled for a clear lane, and if you got your bow across a boat that was slightly faster and could sail slightly higher, you were tossed off the wheel and had to tack away to clear before coming back on port and lining up again for Magnolia. The bigger faster boats continued to blow through the fleet on the long tack toward Magnolia Bluff, and the closer you got to that shallow muddy beach, the better you made out against your fleet. Tough to keep a clear lane but if you got forced outside to the left, you found yourself coming back in on the transoms of your competitors. Next up was West point and how to get across the sand bar without running aground but stay close enough in to spend the least amount of time in the adverse flooding current. But then an odd thing happened; usually you tack onto port and get out of the current along the beach and sail away from anyone on the outside. But there was still a finger of ebbing current out in the middle of Shilshole Bay. If you held out to the left just long enough, boats tacked over onto port in positive current and lifted right up past the ship canal toward the breakwater before tacking over onto the layline and the finish. The seven boat J/105 fleet, Class 4, was dominated by Jubilee, skippered by Erik Kirsten. Just a minute back in second was Delerium, leaving third to Inconceivable. Thanks for contribution from Ben Braden at Sail Northwest.   Blakely Rock Light sailing information

06.Mar.15 - Corinthian Yacht Club CYC Midwinter Regatta  Going on the hunch that the light northerlies would give way to more substantial westerlies, the RC at the Corinthian Yacht Club of Belvedere Midwinters raised the postponement flag before the 11:55 first gun and let it ride. The wind filled with a mid spring like blast from outside the Gate (CYC is in Tiburon, CA) and filled in nicely across the course allowing the RC time to square things up to the freshening breeze with a Yellow Bluff weather mark and a Knox leeward rounding. While the start was delayed, the flood in the start area began to transition to the early phases of ebb and the ever changing strategy of favorable current vs. wind strength played into the tacticians minds. Many chose a more direct line and others swung wide seeking more favorable wind direction on the downhill runs. Sunday brought 20 plus of northerly. In the J/105 fleet, the clear winner was Charles James' Roxanne with two bullets followed by Neil Gibbs' Nimbus with two seconds. Third was Dick Maclay's Yellowfin.  Complete results

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